Workplace docking The LOOK4CAREER workplace docking platform is jointly established by UBC's major elite graduates. It is dedicated to discovering and improving the job-seeking ability of international students, providing a full range of employment-related services, and escorting overseas students' employment, making employment no longer a problem.
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Our journey
May, 2014
The three founders of Look4Career graduated from UBC undergraduate. While preparing to enter the Master, they are looking forward to the future of the workplace, with a hint of confusion.
Aug, 2015
The three founders graduated from Master and tried to enter the workplace. But the pressure of job hunting is much greater than imagined.
Sep, 2016
After a year of hard work, the three finally found their favorite jobs, but the hardships of the past year have always been unforgettable.
Jun, 2017
There are always students who learn to apply for a job. They found that everyone’s job search path is equally difficult at every step.
Dec, 2017
The three people took a few classmates and colleagues, co-founded the Look4Career workplace consulting company, and began to devote themselves to the great voyage to help graduates find jobs.
Feb, 2018
The Look4Career CFA Level 1 course was officially launched.
July, 2018
Look4Career's first CFA cram school student exams were frequently reported.
Sep, 2018
Look4Career job search platform is completed, the website is officially online! In this regard, the first advisory education platform in Dawen area dedicated to helping graduates find jobs has been officially launched, and the job-seeking gospel of graduates has arrived!